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the angel of migraines by engrafi the angel of migraines by engrafi
Migränesengel (The Angel of Migraines, Angelus hemicrania)

Like other Angels, A. hemicrania has no cerebrum of its own, so to perform non-instinctive mental tasks it must appropriate a host brain.  This species eschews anæsthesia for brute force, but may neverthless take some time to penetrate the hostʼs defences, a process known as the prodromal phase.  Following host absorption, an individual Migränesengel may spend from two to seventy-two hours in thought.  Subsequently, the host is frequently left too weak to offer any resistance to a second Angel, and absorptions may repeat indefinitely, or until the host becomes comatose.

Unlike those of other known species, the supplementary cranial vault of the Migränesengel is bilobial, and only one lobe at a time encloses the host brain.  The alternate lobe then acts as a form of mirror chamber in which sound, smells, tastes, light, darkness, emotions and memories are accelerated and fed back to the exposed hemisphere of the brain, at energy levels exceeding the processing capacity of animal nervous systems.  (This has been described as the original denial-of-service attack.)  Whether the Angel derives any benefit from this is unknown.
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January 28, 2012
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